“The Symbiosis of Body, Clothes & Accessories” is a collection that delves into multiplicity. Growing into each other, growing apart, merging, becoming a unity. The fusion of garment and accessory gives rise to hybrid pieces.

Flexibility while on the move is one of the outcomes of this fusion. Adaptable clothing components are equipped with pocket structures that allow the wearer to customize the garment to their needs and environment.

The thoughtfully designed construction systems, derived from sports and military attire, are placed within a modern, innovation-driven context. Protection and transport represent two common daily needs that the materiality and construction aim to fulfill.

Symbiosis and organic growth not only inspired the construction but also the design language. Another cycle connects inspiration and product.
Clothing inspired by the natural phenomena of symbiosis and organic growth is born, meant to venture back into nature. This physically references resilience and protection, while psychologically it invokes the desire to venture out, even in the rain.

Apparel for everyday life, urban living, and its challenges. Which uphold an equal demand for aesthetics and practical functions. Relaxed, tough, urban, feminine, and sensual.
In the design process, apparent opposites such as nature and technology, past and future, converged, intertwining on multiple levels with the intention of crafting a new aesthetic for the future.

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