“Dodeka – 12. The new collection by MDK aligns with the course of the year. Each piece possesses a striking autonomy yet seamlessly melds together, much like how the dodecagon gently transforms into a circle. DODEKA highlights the fusion of distinct clothing items. Attire and accessory share a unified appearance, nearly indistinguishable. Additionally, the cyclic cut lines contribute to a softer and more organic allure of the garments.

However, the dodecagon is merely almost a circle, and so is DODEKA defined by seemingly consistent, yet profoundly divergent facets of the individual pieces.
Alongside the fluid design language, MDK places a strong emphasis on functionality.
This is accomplished through the adaptability of the garments, but most significantly through the meticulous selection of materials.

Nylon taffeta and PU-coated cotton play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of the all-season outerwear pieces. The outer garments are elevated by soft fabrics in the inner layers, such as rabbit fur, modal jersey, and knit, all of which enhance the comfort of wear. The understated and highly nature-inspired color palette, dominated by sandy hues, lends the collection a cool demeanor reminiscent of barren desert landscapes.

DODEKA unites contrasts, thus crafting a symbiotic interplay of elements. Nature – technology, aesthetics – functionality, landscape – urbanity. Apparent oppositions are harmonized through the design language and skillful fabric selection, thus transcending their contradictions and acquiring a novel definition.
It is the hybrid state and cyclical progression of the garments that characterizes DODEKA.”

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