Outfits emerging from pockets,
Pockets giving rise to attire,
Garments birthing garments.

Introducing the “Symbiosis of Body, Clothes, and Accessories” winter collection, a fusion of outerwear exploring the realm of multiplicity. Interweaving, diverging growth, melding together, forming a unified whole.

The objective: elevated practicality with a focus on utility. Carry all essentials seamlessly, ensuring nothing is left behind. Embark without interruption.

Premium materials such as ripstop, coated linen, and waxed cotton guarantee protection from rain, wind, and chill. Seams and fasteners are meticulously sealed.

Concealed within zippers lie hoods, gloves, pockets, and even complete jackets. Hence, the fusion extends to encompass the realm of accessories. Each attire and accessory shares equal prominence, standing on the same platform.

Aesthetically, my inspiration draws from the marvel of natural symbiosis and organic growth. This essence is transposed into the construction, drawing from it and evolving with it. The entire collection embodies cyclical motions – circular, rounded, curved, and twisted. From the patterns’ circular forms, the transition continues into the wearers’ movements and the clothing’s metamorphic process.

Attire that accompanies one’s life journey. Tailored for daily wear, urban existence, and its challenges. Pieces designed to harmonize aesthetics and practicality seamlessly.

The look exudes a rugged urban charm, with its oversized cuts and substantial fabrics. Yet, this ruggedness is softened by transparent ripstop and a design language characterized by curves. A touch of lightness and sensuality imbues the collection. The color palette is deliberately restrained, with black and white allowing the designs to shine and ensuring versatile combinations.

Summing up the look or the embodiment of my clothing in a paradoxical sentence: It captures the essence of a modern urban nomad.


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