“All beings are numbers and are from numbers.” 

Aristotle’s De Caelo 303a4

TRIAS is an all season unisex backpack collection consisting of 3 different styles.
EN the circle – TRIS the triangle – TESRIS the square

Since ancient Greece, worshipped by the Pythagoreans, trough the middle ages, embedded in various religious symbols, until today, this three geometrical shapes  stand at the root of geometry and mathematics. They are said to be the fundamental structures of all creation. Each one of the geometrical shapes is discussed in one of the backpack styles. The designs are presented in 2 different, rather dark and timeless colour combinations. The mystification of the symbols is resembled through the collections mood. Seeking for a perfect balance between function and aesthetic, the outcome is a multifunctional companion for everyday urban life. Through the usage of high quality Italian leather, dry wax coated, water repellent, 100% cotton canvas and US. mil. spec.metal parts durability is guaranteed.

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